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What is a double chin?

We all know this unsightly, sometimes embarrassing feature known as the double chin. Generally speaking, it can be defined as excess fat that has accumulated in the neck, under the chin.

From an aesthetic point of view, it is difficult living with it because it tends to attenuate or even make the oval of the face disappear. The oval of the face is the natural shape of the face.

This fatty mass tends to distort the general appearance of the face, producing an aging and heavy facial effect. It is the consequence of a sagging skin and a lack of tonicity in this area.

There is rarely one single cause. It cannot be explained in the same way for all people. Thus, if some people are naturally prone to develop it, an overweight situation is often the main cause of the development.

Ageing also explains the development of the double chin, due to the sagging skin observed over the years.

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It is not inevitable!

Double chin is not inevitable

The development of the double chin is often badly experienced. A sign of aging, a body that changes and becomes heavier, a slackening of the skin or a lack of tonicity: it is one of those unsightly features that we want to see disappear.

Fortunately, this is not inevitable and there are different answers to the question of how to get rid of a double chin. From basic facial fitness exercises at home to more radical solutions such as surgery, there are a range of solutions to remove it.

Our solutions: 2 reducers to get rid of the double chin in a few weeks

In addition to the facial fitness exercises, you can accelerate the strengthening of your neck and chin with our reducers.

Easy to use, they effectively reduce the double chin in a few weeks thanks to an accelerated firming of the neck and chin area.

In a natural way, without pain and without surgery, you can act now to lose your double chin. Find out more about our reducers now and rediscover the natural shape of your face.

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double chin before after 1b who are we? is a specialized information site for people who want to lose their double chin and regain the natural shape of their face.

We offer a set of free articles and information to help you understand what it is and get rid of it without pain. The double chin is not a disease and can be eliminated by following dietary advice as well as certain facial fitness exercises to promote muscular strengthening of the neck and chin. offers a "Facial Fitness" Double Chin Reducer and a "Ultrasonic" Double Chin Reducer (ultrasound treatment) for people who wish to go faster but do not want to undergo surgery.

These devices should be used regularly. Very easy to use, they can be carried anywhere and are the ideal complement to facial fitness exercises. logo