Double chin exercises: your "facial fitness" workout program

Would you like an effective workout program to lose your double chin? Don't wait any longer, we have prepared a "special double chin exercises" program for you!

Before starting, even if this is not an exercise in itself, it is important to remember the best way to avoid the development of the double chin: a healthy diet. Even if this seems obvious, it is nevertheless the basis of a toned and healthy face. Especially since a case of excess weight is the most common cause of the development of a double chin.

Facial fitness can be very effective, but it requires discipline! Do not expect visible results after a few hours or even days. Experience shows that it takes several weeks to achieve results. The advantage is that facial fitness, in addition to being good for your health, can be done anywhere (at home, at work, in the car...) and is completely free of charge. What are you waiting for? Start today!

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Double Chin Exercise 1: the XO method to reduce double chin

The first double chin exercise in this workout is certainly the simplest and easiest to do on a daily basis. It consists of alternately repeating the letters "X" and "O".

In addition to repeating these letters, it is important to exaggerate pronunciation, as if you want to overly articulate.

This simple exercise will allow you to gently pull your chin and cheek muscles and tone up the area.

Doppelkinn wegtrainieren ubungen gegen doppelkinn

Double Chin Exercise 2: movement with your tongue

In this second exercise, you will use your tongue to work the muscles in the chin and sub-chin area.

First movement

Simply pull the tongue as far down as possible, as if you wanted to touch your chin with your tongue.

Doppelkinn wegtrainieren ubungen gegen doppelkinn zunge

Second movement

Press your tongue hard against your palate and hold the position. You will feel a contraction under the chin, which means you are toning up the muscles in the area.

Double Chin Exercise 3: movements with your lower lip

In this exercise, you will move your lower lip over your upper lip. The idea is to act as if you want to touch your nose with your lower lip. Hold the position and release gently.

Double Chin Exercise 4: head movements

This time, you will work the lower facial muscles with precise head movements.

First movement‚Äč

Keeping your head upright, push your jaw forward as far as possible and hold the position for a few seconds before releasing.

Second movement

Keeping your back straight, keep your head down so that your chin sticks to the top of your chest. Then make slow movements by turning your head to the right and then to the left, keeping your chin glued to your chest. Hold your position for several seconds in each direction, then release.

Doppelkinn wegtrainieren ubungen gegen doppelkinn Kopfbewegungen

Third movement

Keeping your back straight, lean your head backwards, move your jaw forward and open and close your mouth slowly. You'll feel the muscles under the chin contracting. Make slow movements and release after a few seconds.

Double Chin Exercises: some tips for a successful "facial fitness" workout program

As we have seen above, facial fitness is effective but must be done regularly to give noticeable results.

The advantage is that all these exercises are very easy to do.

  • Do these exercises in series. Perform at least 5 times each movement described, ideally twice a day.
  • Remember to breathe deeply and consider these exercises as a true moment of relaxation or even meditation.
  • Never force movements, including head movements. No pain should be felt, especially in the back or cervical region. If in doubt, consult a health professional.

Want to accelerate the loss of your double chin? Use a double chin reducer

In addition to these double chin exercises, you can purchase one of our double chin reducers to speed up the removal of your double chin. It is an ideal solution for people wondering how to get rid of a double chin and not wanting to have surgery.

Facial fitness exercises are effective in the medium and long term, but many people want faster results. Our double chin reducers will allow you to act quickly. They are an ideal solution to complement regular facial fitness workouts.
Within a few weeks, they allow the natural oval of the face to be redrawn, reducing excess fat under the chin and toning the skin of the lower face.

Double Chin Solutions Information