How to get rid of a double chin: our advice and solutions

If you are wondering how to get rid of a double chin, there are several solutions, some more drastic than others, and some more expensive than others.

Let's review the different solutions at your disposal to remove this double chin that is ruining your life!

How to get rid of a double chin fast?

Unsurprisingly, the fastest way to get rid of a double chin, whatever the cause of its development, is to opt for surgery. With regard to the double chin, there are several possible interventions to reduce or eliminate this fatty mass located below the neck.


One of the most frequent interventions is puncture. The objective of this surgery is to remove the fat cells present in the treated area.

The techniques of fat micropuncture, lipojet or liposuction are thus common for the elimination of the double chin.

Be careful though, some of these techniques require local anesthesia. It is therefore essential to discuss with your surgeon beforehand to determine with him the technique that will best suit your profile, according to the quality of your skin, its firmness and several other elements.

How to get rid of a double chin


In surgical procedures to remove the double chin, injections are also possible. These include lipoadipectomies or injections of hypoosmolar fluid, based on physiological serum.

In cases of removal of the double chin accompanied by loosening of the surrounding muscles (especially in the case of major weight loss), lifting is also considered. It will help to tighten the muscles of the area in a lasting way.

Costly surgeries that can leave scars

Of course, surgery to get rid of a double chin is the fastest solution. However, its cost is obviously high. In addition, a majority of interventions involve incisions that may leave slight scars (risk of small scars and/or bruises).

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How to get rid of a double chin without surgery

How can I lose my double chin without surgery? That is the question that many people are asking themselves. Fortunately, solutions do exist!

Before choosing surgery, first try facial fitness techniques to strengthen and tighten the neck and face muscles. These techniques require a little more patience, but can be practiced very easily anywhere. And finally, they are totally free!

Facial fitness to tighten the skin of the face

Few people know this, but it is quite possible to tone the skin of the face and neck.

In this case, the aim is not to strengthen the neck and face, but rather to restore tone to gradually tighten the tissues of this area. That's why we'll talk about facial fitness. Click here to find out more about our exercises to reduce the double chin.

How to get rid of a double chin without surgery

These exercises do not require any equipment and can be done anywhere!

It is important to know that facial fitness obviously requires more time than surgery. Don't expect results after 48 hours. You will have to do them for several weeks.

It is best to adopt a routine, morning and evening for example. But most of the time, these exercises can be done throughout the day. Get used to it and your facial fitness will become automatic! The best way to lose your double chin without surgery.

Double chin reducers: the ideal complement to facial fitness exercises

2 double chin reducers

For people who want to accelerate the loss of a double chin, we are pleased to offer different solutions for the reduction of double chin. These solutions can be used to tone the neck and face muscles.

Find out more about our "Facial Fitness" Double Chin Reducer, a new generation process developed by world-renowned physiotherapist Paul Younane.

For a technique similar to that used by beauty professionals (ultrasound treatment), you can also discover our "Ultrasonic" Double Chin Reducer. A quick way to remove your double chin and restore the natural shape of your face.

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