What causes a double chin: all the information you need to understand the cause of the problem

The double chin, present in both women and men, is frequent and is difficult living with it. A sign of aging, overweight and sagging skin, it is a discomfort that can be difficult to get rid of for many people.

Yet few people really know what causes the double chin. In what cases does it develop? Is it hereditary? And can we remove it?

what causes double chin

Being overweight is the main cause of double chin development

Even if it is not the only cause, as we will see later on, an excess weight is still the main cause of the double chin.

By definition, the double chin is the development of a fat accumulation in the neck, just below the chin. This development is very often linked to weight gain.

If you notice the development of the double chin at an early age, i. e. an age when the skin has not started sagging, it is often a double chin caused by an overweight situation. It will be easier to remove a double chin if the person's age is not very advanced. A special "double chin" exercises program will generally show significant results.

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Age and sagging skin is another cause of double chin

Age is also an important factor in explaining the development of a double chin.

Over the years, the skin tends to loosen and lose its suppleness and tonicity. As with other parts of the body, the areas of the face and neck are not spared, causing a sagging of the skin on the chin, with the development of the double chin.

Obviously, the combined action of aging and an overweight situation favours the development of the double chin. More information if you wonder how to get rid of a double chin.

The special case of genetic and hormonal causes

In some cases, the development of a double chin is due to genetic predisposition or hormonal modification. These specific cases are special cases that should be discussed with a specialist. If you are subject to these specific cases, we advise against using our double chin solutions.

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